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Strains 2 Gains

Before 2020 shut down, we all had strains. Every strain we have the power to give it a GAIN. Gain strength & a new outlook, new perspective. Strain is an uncomfortable feeling. Strain can be used as a challenge to overcome pain. soooooo , of course with the panademic, we endured many strains, even if it was a positive Covid strain. Our immune system fought harder to gain strength. Our mindset even gained more power. What were your gains from every strain in your life in general, and in 2020. I endured an emotional strain of my son not having an in person graduation ,and online not in person freshman college. I gained more TIME to learn about his resilience and maturity to adapt to such an uncertain time. I gained more memories and creative ways of making the best of an uncertain time . I embrace all the gains as positives from the strains .

actually corelates to exercise. Straining your endurance and muscles gains more stength and flexibility! whats your strain 2 gain ???

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