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COMMUNICATION is Key to fulfillment orrrr failure to relate for the time being. We allll have our personal beliefs based upon our personal experiences & memories. We surround ourselves around what feels safe & uplifting. No one wants to be around a “ Debbiedowner or Negative Nancy” ( just terms Ive heard from rando peeps) Our beliefs are OUR TRUTHS of what we believe is TRUE to US. True LOVE will either respect that belief or project EGO ( in my option , personal jealousy of the other dynamics insecurity) which we can enhance and lift up.

When I express my feelings, when I let myself express raw vulnerability I am gifted with more confidence and love for myself to trust myself and my surroundings. When my feelings are exposed and embraced TRUE LOVE affirms that relationship. When my feelings are exposed and greeted with a gas lighted response and backlash , I am gifted with an insight and awareness of my surroundings . Energy drain vs Energy GAIN. Responses that lift you GIFT YOU with love , confidence and TRUST to bring out your best version of YOU

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